Bogglebang Scavenger Hunt 2017


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2017 team enrollment for Humboldt County’s annual nine day scavenger hunt will soon begin.

This September, the Humboldt County scavenger hunt, Bogglebang, returns for its fifth year with new challenges and games. From the 9th to the 17th teams will compete to solve riddles, follow clues, and carry out ridiculously fun tasks in this uniquely creative community building event dedicated to the spirit of Hobart Brown.

Anyone interested in spending the week with friends taking photos of each other being awesome will want to play Bogglebang. To play, participants form teams of four to seven players. Each team will race to solve riddles revealing secret clues and locations. Alongside the riddles and clues, teams will have the chance complete a wide variety of zany tasks. With the aid of a camera phone, teams photograph their accomplishments and post them on Twitter, making this a spectator sport as much as a race.

Tickets are not yet available, to stay informed when this limited event will be launching sign up for the Bogglebang mailing list. Do it now and you will begin your adventure.


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