The Kinetic Paranormal Society

A pair of socks in a magical wardrobe travel through time and space investigating all things supernatural. Bartleby and Artemus find themselves foiling evil plans all while nearly destroying the world themselves. Puppets, Comedy, Magic and Suspense, with Live Music!

[Performance & Podcast]


Bartleby Neehi, meta-physicist extraordinaire answers meta-physical questions and solves existential dilemmas in our mind altering talk show. In each episode guest-hosts ask Bartleby an assortment of questions of their own choosing and recieve a wormhole of answers in return.


My Blue Foot

Pro-tips on being human from Artist/Producer Isaac Bluefoot. In each episode Isaac shares short stories and philosophies with his unique twist on reality. Some say the universe is made of atoms but really it is made of stories, and atoms are just another story. Give your perception an upgrade listening to My Blue Foot.


Scavenger Hunt

Humboldt County's nine day scavenger hunt held in September. Training a new kind of human for a new kind of world


by Mr. Bird

A conversation between a non-denominational monk and a sardonic bird.

[Web Comic]

The Tao of the Dragonflower
by iBluefoot

Poems coping with love, loss and all the nonsense that goes inbetween.


Playing Cards

A special deck of cards for playing games that everyone wins, meanwhile your imagination grows more powerful than ever.


An adorable 48 Sign Astrology

The Zodigo is a 48 sign astrology inspired by the modern western zodiac. This calendar is not only adorably cute but is a new advanced kind of technology. By breaking the year down into smaller intervals Zodigo users may learn how to perceive the passing of time with more nuance. Get to know the Zodigo and with each passing year patterns will begin to form in your perception. Try it for yourself!


Inkbot TV
The Dragonflower Ink Blog

Cultural Commentary and Postmodern Perspective. It's not what you think, it's never what you think.